We have always been an advocate of unique gift ideas as they stand out among other gifts as well as leave a lasting impression. Imagine, the impact your gift can have if it is unique in more than one way. Today we are listing down gift items that are unique not only because they stand out but also the world’s smallest.

#1. Dashcam

Wouldn’t you want to brag a bit if you equip your car with this mini dashcam? The wireless camera has a night vision and motion-sensing capabilities.


#2. Smallest Book in the World

The book contains the father in seven languages. The book is hand-bound in leather and embellished with genuine gold embossing. It is located in a specially created plexiglass cassette with a built-in magnifying glass. A treasure that will inspire you! A gift that will make you happy.

Smallest Book in the World

#3. Personal Air Tracker Monitoring Device

Get real-time updates on the air around you instantly with this compact, portable & passive device that measures a full range of harmful gases in the air. You just have to install its App in your android device, then plug the device into your mobile and you are good to go.

World's Smallest Smart Indoor Personal Air Tracker Monitoring Device

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#4. World’s Smallest USB Car Charger

Replace those protruding car chargers that take up the surrounding space with this world’s smallest car charger. The car charger is built with Smart charge technology which detects the connected device and charges it at its maximum speed.

World's Smallest 3.1 Amp High Speed Smart Compact 2 Port USB Car Charger

#5. World’s Smallest Ball Head Type car Mobile Holder

Secure your phone on the car dashboard with this magnetic mobile holder. The ball head facilitates easy movements to help you access the device. The compact nature of the mobile holder will take very little space on your dashboard.

World's Smallest Ball Head Type car Mobile Holder

#6. World Smallest 500 WATT 2 JAR Mixer Grinder

Save space on your cluttered kitchen platform with this compact mixer grinder. The grinder comes with 2 jars and has a capacity of 500 watts to help you with your regular grinding and mixing needs.

2 JAR Mixer Grinder

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#7. 5000 mAh Power Bank

Never run out of juice when you have this world’s sleekest and smallest 5000mah Powerbank. It supports fast 10W charging and its metal body gives the added strength. No more carrying heavy power bricks (banks).

power bank

#8. Spy Camera

Awaken the oo7 inside you using this world’s smallest spy cam. You can use it to monitor your staff or use it for spying. The tiny camera can fit anywhere and will be hidden from prying eyes.

world's smallest spy camera

#9. Copper Bottle

We all are aware of the health benefits of drinking water from a copper vessel. However, you can reap those benefits only at home. Not anymore because we present you this copper bottle which is small enough to carry. Now enjoy the benefits of copper on the go.

world's smallest copper bottle

#10. Bluetooth Headset

YE-106S Bluetooth Earphone features an ultra mini size, arguably the smallest earphone in the world. It adopts the latest intelligent DSP noise isolation and echo cancellation technology for perfect sound quality.

World's Smallest Bluetooth Headset

#11. Mobile Phone

Bring out the secret agent in you when you use the world’s smallest mobile phone. You can hide this tiny gadget anywhere and use its voice changing feature to your help. This device can also be tethered to your main phone using Bluetooth.

world's smallest mobile phone
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