With 31st around the corner, everyone starts to plan how they are going to celebrate the new year. If throwing a new year party or a nice gettogether of friends and family is on your list then you need to buckle up and prepare for it. We are listing down 15 amazing items for your party that will not only prepare you but also makes the party fun.

The elaborate list includes party items like Bluetooth speakers and LED string lights to fun items like Skull Shot Glass and Golden Playing Cards.

Gas Pump Liquor Dispenser

Set your home bar apart from the rest by storing your spirits in these retro gas pump liquor dispensers. Modeled after the old school pumps of yesteryear, these dispensers sports a sleek chrome silver finish and can hold different liquids like juices, alcohol, etc.

Fuel Pump Style Drink Dispenser

Bulldog Bluetooth Speaker

Rock the party with this Bluetooth speaker which adopts high-fidelity speakers, which makes the sound more natural and powerful. The crystal clear mid and high sound and thumping bass enhance the musical experience. Above all, show your Dog Love.

new year party speakers

Beer Belt

There is no better way to get ready for your new year party than letting your friends admire your six-pack!. This ultra-useful accessory sits at the waist and comes equipped with specially designed pouches so you can carry six of your closest frosty friends all at once.

new year party beer belt

Mr. Butler Soda Maker

Make fresh, fizzy soda, cocktails and soft drinks of various flavors at home without any hassles with this Mr. Butler Soda Maker. No batteries or electricity required for operation. 

Soda Maker for new year party

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Cooling Stones

Cooling Stones are freezable naturally mined soapstones that will keep your drink cold but won’t water it down. These stones retain cold temperatures allowing you to savor the delicious liquor of your choice. All you have to do is place in the freezer & take them out as needed.  

Cooling stones

Electric Tandoor

Impress your guests with lip-smacking tikkas and amazing pizzas made at home using this electric tandoor. Made from aluminum and toughened glass, this product is shockproof and entirely durable.

Electric Tandoor

Photo Booth Props

Infuse a dose of fun to your otherwise lull party with this Photo Booth prop set. Your New Year party will come to life with the participation of guests & this photo booth prop set makes it fun to celebrate your party with flair which will be a perfect addition to your decorations.

Photo Booth Props for new year party

Casino Bottle Opener

Be well prepared next time you visit a casino or a party with this ‘Ace’ Bottle opener. This credit card size bottle opener can easily be stored in a wallet or other small space. No bottle cap can stand in front of this durable opener.

Casino Bottle Opener

Biodegradable Palm Leaf Plates

Make your new year party ecofriendly. By choosing palm leaf plates, you get an Eco-friendly product that is 100% biodegradable and compostable. Within 2 months, the leaves will have composted fully. Each palm leaf is completely hygienic and has been prepared without the use of chemicals, dyes, or resins. 

bio degradable plates for new year party

Automatic Bubble Machine

Use this crazy frog gadget to transform your boring party into some an alien worldly fun place. This fun tool creates hundreds of bubbles and blows it around automatically. Sure it’s not just for the kids.

Automatic Bubble Machine

Skull Shot Glass

Drink from the Skull Shot Glass. Able to hold your favorite liquor in its unique skull shape, you’ll look like such a cool guy as you look straight in the eyes and down your shots.

Skull Shot Glass for new year party

Golden Playing Cards

Give your next gettogether a regal touch by breaking out these ones of a kind gold playing cards. Featuring Ben Franklin’s lucrative face, the deck comes with a beautiful handcrafted wooden case to keep them in mint condition.

Golden Playing Cards

Portable Campfire

Bonfire adds a different feel to any outdoor party. But creating one is a pain. Well, now it’s easy to light this reusable and non-toxic campfire. It provides 5 hours of burn time and has a shelf life of over 25 years!

Portable Campfire

Flying Sky Lanterns

Light up the night sky with flying sky lanterns. Perfect for any event, these beautiful mini hot air balloons illuminate the dark skies as they rise up with the heated air.

Sky Lantern

LED Star Curtain String

Transform your house into a fairyland with this high-brightness warm white LED curtain lights. It’s romantic and cute star design can bring your home an unexpected beauty. With 8 lighting modes, these water-resistant lights are can be used outdoors also.

String lights


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