With the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus every day worldwide, it never hurts to be well prepared. While you should always follow general recommended safety practices like distancing yourself from large crowds, not to touch your face and wash your hands thoroughly for coronavirus protection – there are still a few items you should have stocked up in your home just in case things really get bad with the spread of the coronavirus.

Some items on the list are must-have products that can be used for a variety of survival scenarios like freeze-dried food that lasts up to 12 months on the shelf, or a first aid kit. Let us check these must-have products for Coronavirus Protection and in case of a lockdown.

#1- N95 Face Mask

Those infected with coronavirus need these masks more than those who ain’t. However, these masks will prevent you from accidentally touching your face and infecting yourself.

n95 mask You Need For Coronavirus Protection

#2 – Freeze-Dried Food

These delicious freeze-dried food items are must-have in your house. It has a shelf life of 12 months, and years for some items. You could buy it if there was a food supply shortage or a lockdown in your town, you’d be covered!

freeze dried food

#3 – Water Storage Cans

You might feel the need of keeping extra water un store to keep a steady supply of fresh drinking water. These cans are hygienic and made with 100% food-grade material that would come in handy for sure.

water storage

#4 – Solar Panel Power Bank 

Mobile phones these days are more of a ‘need’ and you want them charged no matter what. In case of a rare power failure, you can use these solar panel power banks to always remained connected to your loved ones.

Solar Power Bank

#5 – First Aid Kit

This is a must-have for every home. The First Aid Box is Equipped with relevant medicines, bandages, ointment, lotion, cream required in the first treatment in case of emergency.

First Aid Kit

#6 – Portable Power Station

The portable power station is the perfect portable generator to keep your essentials charged up and running. It can be recharged using solar panels, so you can keep it going while being completely off-grid.

Portable Power Station

#7 – LifeStraw The Personal Water Filter

In case your supply of fresh water runs out, the Lifestraw will allow you safely drink water from just about any water source you can find, no matter how stagnant or bacteria-infested the water may be, it’ll filter out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and parasites.

corona virus protection

#8 – Liquid hand Soap

This is an absolute essential. Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water is the most effective means of disinfecting yourself and protecting against the coronavirus.

corona virus protection Liquid Hand Wash

#9 – Best Sanitizer Recipies

While washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water or using sanitizers is the most effective means of disinfecting yourself and protecting against the coronavirus, when in shortage homemade sanitizers are a really solid backup option.

corona virus protection home made sanitizer recipes

#10 – Sterile Gloves

Keep your hands safe from contagious deadly virus using these sterile gloves.

corona virus protection

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#11 – Sanitizer Spray

Keeping your surroundings clean is the need of the hour. Use this sanitizer spray to keep off the deadly germs from surfaces like faucets, toilet seats, doorknobs, etc.

sanitizer spray

#12 – Survival Medicine & First Aid Book

In such a scenario when hospitals are busy treating corona virus-infected people, it is good to have a broad knowledge and understanding of the emergencies you might encounter. The book covers the golden rules of a first response to make sure your patient survives. The key items you’ll want to include in your disaster first aid kit and much more.

Survival Medicine & First Aid

#13 – Instant Tea Premix

Although, this might not be something you need in case of an emergency, as an Indian the importance of tea can not be undermined. A day started without a cup of tea can be disastrous for many. This instant tea premix can be a boon in case your milk supply is disturbed. You just need to add boiling water to the mix and your cup of refreshing tea is ready.

instant tea mix

#14 – Induction Cooktop

In a rare case of interrupted supply or delay in delivery of cooking gas cylinders, this induction cooktop will work as a savior for you. Just plug in and you are good to go.

Induction Cook Top

#15 – Disinfectant Tablets

Akrosept’s active ingredient has been recommended by the World Health Organization for the disinfection of high touch areas, surfaces and objects to protect against infections & diseases. Akrosept solution remains active for 24 Hours. Must have for coronavirus protection.

Disinfectant tablets

#16 – Corona Virus What You Need to Know

It seems that a crippling pandemic is inevitable. While some of us may find it easier to resign ourselves to fate, what we need most right now is credible & comprehensive information from professionals that can help us understand what the Coronavirus is, how we can prepare for Coronavirus Protection. This is the first book that addresses the history, evolution, facts, and myths around the pandemic.

What you Need to Know about corona virus

#17 – Aquapura Water Purifier Tablets

Another solid idea is filling up one of your bathtubs with water, and then using it for showering, and drinking – but you’ll need to purify the water! In the event you can’t purify it by boiling it, these water purification tablets are a great substitute to get safe drinking water.

You Need For Coronavirus Protection
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