Today we are looking at five of India’s best travel blogs. We have always believed in being unique and non-boring and hence we will be sharing only those blogs which are not only unique but also interesting in their own way.


Travelure started in May 2015 with a wish to share the traveling excitement, to get others to travel and see the world. The blog focuses on making the destinations desirable through images and imagery.

Travelure is run by Mr. Ajay Sood who is a Getty Photographer and the 2016 winner of OSM (Outlook Social Media) Photographer of the Year by Outlook Magazine.

best travel blogs of india


Macrotraveller started in 2008 with a focus on luxury travel and lifestyle. The blog also shares travel tips and tricks based on destinations.
Run by Nivedith.G, Macrotraveller is rated one of the top 100 Influencers in India using Klout Score.


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Tale Of 2 Backpackers

This blog focuses on culture, festivals, and people. As this couple writes about their experiences, their articles also tell the stories of people.
Winning the Best Blogger Award 2019 by Travel Earth, this couple’s idea of sharing the mistakes they have made during traveling and the problems that you might face while traveling makes this blog unique.

tale of 2 backpackers, best travel blogs

A Soul Window

After being fired from the job for traveling too much, Mr. Abhinav Singh started this blog. The blog focuses on sharing in-depth information based on the personal experiences of the founder. Not only he writes about own experiences in detail but he also gives important information about the places by making a handy guide for each destination.
Having been listed as Top Travel Bloggers Of India 25 times, the soul window also writes on budget travels as they believe
everyone has a right to travel.

unique and best travel blogs of india


GhoomoPhiro is a blog run by two sisters, Prachi & Himadri Garg. Having been traveling and exploring India for over 10 years, the Garg sisters focus on unexplored destinations of India. Featured on CNN on their global program for solo women travel initiative, GhoomoPhiro also helps in curating all women tours as well as corporate tours. Indeed one of the best travel blogs for the women, by the women!

India's best travel blogs


Kangal.in is a free online magazine run by a couple who indulges in a lot of window-shopping. We believe in being non-boring. Therefore, when you visit Kangal.in you’ll only see interesting, innovative, and often times very odd products.


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