Gone are the days when your mother or grandmother used to knit a sweater for you and you would wear it for years to come. This is an era where fashion is almost as important as comfort in anything you wear. Moreover, with omnipresent internet connectivity, fashion trends have been traveling and reaching far places faster than ever. This has had a huge impact on the fashion industry including winter wear and various types of winter jackets for men are being preferred over sweaters.

Jackets are not only stylish but also more convenient and easy to maintain. They also double as a fashion accessory and you can have almost infinite choices in patterns as well as types. But with great choices comes great confusion and therefore we decided to help you with various types of winter jackets for men so that you can know what type of jacket fits good to your liking.

1. Sweat Jacket

It is a full-sleeved, Collarless jacket made from cotton or wool materials or blend of both. The sleeves at the end generally comprise of elastic grip ar are tapered which helps the sleeve to stay on the wrist and stop the air from getting inside. The main idea behind Sweatshirt is to wear it while performing athletic activities during winters with ease.

2. Quilted Jacket

Types of Winter Jackets for Men quilted jackets

Quilted jackets are one of the most trending types of winter jackets for men. With winter getting colder, it becomes harder to leave our comfortable and cozy bed and quilt blankets. But you have to go out and to get the same comfort and softness what you can get is a quilted jacket. The jacket not only protects from the chilliest weather of winters but also looks classy when paired with thermals and chinos.

3. Hooded Jackets

Types of Winter Jackets for Men hood jackets

Hooded jackets are jackets with a hood that can be pulled over the head. These jackets serve your purpose with no need to carry an extra scarf or a cap. They look fluffy and give the perfect winter look. When it comes to comfort and warmth, they are on top of the list.

4. Leather Jacket

Types of Winter Jackets for Men leather jackets

You have a beautiful partner, an amazing bike and you plan a great trip. All you need is a great leather jacket. Leather jackets are super stylish that look great, are super versatile as well as comfortable. Available in a wide range you can get them in any budget. You can get them in pure leather as well as economical faux leather.

5. Bomber Jackets

bomber jackets

The bomber is an iconic U.S. military jacket that was created to keep World War II pilots warm at high altitudes. Often made with distressed leather, other updates include shearling lining and collar for the ultimate rugged appeal. A bomber is good to throw on with denim and a T-shirt.

6. Printed Jackets

printed jackets

Printed jackets are in great demand these days. They come in a plethora of prints and bright colors and look very sunny and cool. Printed jackets can add a distinctive coolness to your looks and it can be paired with any denim, trousers, and chinos.

7. Denim Jackets

Types of Winter Jackets for Men denim jackets

The all-time favorite of youngsters the denim jacket, as the name suggests, is made of denim. Although it might not protect you very much from chilly winter, it is for sure a style statement. Therefore, denim jackets are loved by college-goers and bikers equally.

8. Windcheater


Wind Cheaters are wind-resistant jackets with a close-fitting neck, waistband, and cuffs. They are made to protect you from wind, snow, and drizzle.

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