Amazing Products are always thoughtful and provide great utility. Today we are listing down our picks of innovative products for college students that will make your hostel life easy.

Innovative Products for College Students

Rechargeable Table Lamp

This rechargeable portable lamp is a must have for any student. Its flexible neck, and portable design, makes it a great companion for any desk. Easy to use touch-sensitive switch provides 3 brightness levels, and tilt neck makes it easy to have illumination from various angles.

LED Book Magic Light 

Awesome Products LED book Light

Hostel life is synonymous with late nights and sleepovers. While many are book bugs who indulge into novels and magazines, some remain glued to study books. No matter what type of book you read late night, this LED book light is going to be your go to device. Just place it over the page you are reading and it will illuminate it making it very easy to read in the darkest of the rooms.

Adjustable Laptop Table

djustable Laptop Table/Bed Table

We all know how comforting it is to read, study or use your laptop while you are in your cozy bed. Though it is not as comfortable as studying or working on a desk, lazing around is we all love. To help you with it, this adjustable laptop bed table becomes of great use. It also comes with a drawer to keep your tit bits.

Portable Washing Machine

portable washing machine

Washing your dirty clothes is one of the most humongous task for any student. That pile of clothes gets getting bigger with every passing day and the DHOBI appears as your angel. Well, now you don’t need to spend your pocket money doing your laundry when you have this amazing device. This portable washing machine can be used in any bucket. Just add some detergent in bucket full of water and thrown in some of your clothes. This machine will do the job.

Ten-In-One Toolkit

Awesome Products multi tool kit

Your room is already a messed up place. Finding tools like stapler, cutter etc. is like finding a needle in the haystack. Now make your life easy and desk clutter free with this Ten-in-one toolkit. You will not have to ransack your desk to find out the needed items while you work on that important assignment. This tool is one of our favorite among many awesome products and is sure to be a reason of envy when you flaunt it to your buddies. This gadget is one of the most innovative products for college students.

USB Fan With LED Clock

Gadget Hero's USB Cooling Fan with LED Clock

So you are the geek! A gadget man of your group. You always keep your game up when it is about geeky stuff. Get this amazing USB Fan which will not only cool you down when you are busy doing your stuff but also keep you focused on the time. We know how geeks work with deadlines.

Decal Chalk Board

awesome products for hostel students

What is a hostel room without clutter of post its, notes and reminders? Go old school with this decal chalk board which can make any surface usable as a black board. Run your imagination wild and note your thoughts and idea any moment or simply use this board to write your to do list or reminders.

Mini Cooking Pot

Awesome products for hostel

Maggi, Eggs & Tea are hostel staples. Having them late at night is more fun. Now you don’t have to go out hunting for chaiwala that gives maggi at odd hours when you have this mini cooking pot. This electric cooking pot is best for boiling eggs and water, making tea or coffee or even making your favorite noodles.

Secret Book Safe

innovative products for college students

Keep your valuables secure with this ingenious book shaped safe! Not only does the cleverly disguised Book Safe keep your valuables under lock and key, but with its New English Book cover, it could easily be mistaken for just another book on your shelf, and the last thing that a thief will have time to do is to go rifling through the dictionary to find the definition of “outfoxed”.

Vertical Omelette Maker

Vertical Omelette Maker innovative products for college students

Now keep your hunger at bay with this revolutionary cooking system that lets you enjoy egg treats like never before. Prepare eggs, omelettes, and more in just 2 easy steps. Its cooking chamber is coated with nonstick coating. Made with 100% food grade material, this is one of the most awesome products. Its Revolutionary design cooks healthy and delicious eggs without the use of pots or pans.

Desk Vacuum Cleaner

desk vacuum cleaner

Now it’s very easy to keep your desk clean and dust-free by using this mini vacuum cleaner. Strong suction, spiral fan, and nylon brush head ensure all-round dust removal. The wind rises 360 degrees, and the dust is completely removed.

Power Cube

power cube

How irritating it is when your devices needs juice and your hostel room doesn’t have enough power outlets? Power cube is here for the rescue. It has multiple power adapters, USB ports and extended cord. You can easily fix it on your desk with the adhesive dock which fixes the power cube at one place.

Personal Cooling Solution

personal cooling solution innovative products for college students

When you stay in a hostel you don’t want to spend on big bulky devices. However, it is always good to have a refrigerator so that you can have cold water and store fruits and drinks. The personal cooling solution is a small 30L fridge by Godrej which you can use to keep your water bottle and few fruits. It is small and hence doesn’t take much space. You can also take it with you once you leave your hostel.

Smart Sensor LED & USB Port

innovative products for college students

One of the most innovative products for college students, this LED lamp provides warm white light which is soft enough not to dazzle your sleepy eyes, building comfortable ambiance , perfect for sleep time. Its photocell sensor will automatically turn light on at dusk and off at dawn. Dual USB ports allow you to charge 2 devices simultaneously


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