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    NaMo Merchandise Modi Mask

    Show you are a so-called bhakt by wearing this Modi Mask. A perfect gift for all Modi fans, the NaMo face mask is made of high-quality hard plastic so that it moulds well and sits on every kind of face. Comes with eye and nose holes for perfect passage of air.

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    Barreled Minions Wet Wipes

    Refresh yourself while on the go with these moisturizing barreled wet wipes. The minion case is a reusable tin that can be used for other purposes also. The hanging cord makes it easy to hang on your bag which can save lot of space inside the bag and can be a cool decoration also.

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    Thor Hammer Mjolnir Pillow Buddy

    Prove your worthiness by seeing if you have what it takes to lift up Thor’s hammer. The legendary Mjolnir has been replicated into a soft toy which doubles up as a pillow. It’s the ideal gift for any Marvel fanboy or fangirl.

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    Modi Figurine

    You love the prime minister! Show your love and allegiance to the world with this amazing Modi Figurine. You can place it on your table, car dashboard or anywhere you want. The high-quality figurine is hand-painted and has a bobblehead.

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    Reusable Pop Tissues

    The compressed tissues are made from ORGANIC, BIODEGRADABLE cellulose sources and are as pure as the water used to activate them. The wipes can be reused many times. Simply rinse with water and wring out. These coin towels will have minimal impact on the environment when you throw them away.

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    Miniature Helmet Keychain

    Promote safe riding even when you are not riding your bike with this cute little miniature helmet keychain. This brilliant replica is cutely designed as a real helmet with stripe and star design. Don’t try to fool the cops saying that you are carrying a helmet. You would need a bigger one to evade the challan.

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    Pindaloo Skill Toy

    Get in the loop with Pindaloo. Pindaloo is super simple to learn, yet hard to perfectly master. Discover and master hundreds of tricks, while unleashing your creativity and creating your own. Will you take the challenge of Pindaloo?

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    PUBG Miniature Grenade Keychain

    The PUBG Keychain will be a pleasant surprise for those who are fascinated with cool guns. It will be a good gift for PUBG fans. Let others know that you are also a PUBG game enthusiast and you will become his good friend! Let’s play the game together, Friend.

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    Let the five dice roll you to a win with Yamslam! Calculated chances and strategic choices will place the odds in your favor. After each roll, choose the dice that will get you the best combination. Each combination is worth a different point value and has only 4 chips, so get the best ones before they run out.

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    Classic Retro Video Game

    Get nostalgic with this classic retro video game console and relive your old memories. Unlike the old consoles, this one is USB rechargeable. It comes with 400 classic games that you have been missing all these days.

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    4.5Ft Air Hockey Table

    Bring arcade-style hockey home with the Toy Park 54 Inch Air Powered Hockey Table. Each set comes with everything you need for quick assembly and play, including a specially coated surface for high-speed puck movement, two pushers, and two pucks.

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    Superhero Action Figures

    There is no such superhero fan who doesn’t like to collect their favourite hero’s action figure. Here’s a collection of Officially Licensed premium quality highly detailed action figure that comes in a beautiful window display packaging. Show it off on your desk, car sash board or book shelf.