With Corona Pandemic, we are set to celebrate our festivals in a subdued manner. However, this can not stop us from celebrating at our homes. To make your home more festive this Ganesh Chaturthi, we are presenting a list of Items For Ganpati Decoration At Home.

The energy, dance, music, aartis and chants, sweets and decoration make Ganesh Festival a much-awaited one. Every year we bring Ganpati to our homes with so much joy and decorate our homes to welcome Bappa with all our hearts. Heres presenting beautiful, affordable stunning decoration ideas to beautify your house for the welcoming of Lord Ganesha.

First and foremost, clean up the puja room or the place where you are going to establish the idol of Bappa.

Wall Decoration

Make sure the walls are clean. You can paint them or use wall stickers or use decorations like paper fans and danglers.

Colorful Paper Fans For Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Lights & Torans

ganpati decoration at home

Any Ganpati decoration at home is incomplete without lights and torans. You can decorate almost every element. One of the most common Ganpati decoration ideas is to decorate your walls and curtains using various types of LED Lights, torans, etc.

How Can We Forget Rangoli?

Rangoli designs are traditional India way of welcoming as they are made mainly at the entrance. You can design a rangoli, using flowers or colors. Over a period of time, many rangoli alternatives or pre-made designs have come up which are very beautiful and save you a lot of time.

RANGOLI as Ganpati Decoration Ideas

Ganpati Decoration Ideas: Puja Thali & Diya

Do not forget to decorate the puja thali using flowers, roli and various types of lace. You can also use beautiful diyas for aarti to make your puja thali look more beautiful.


  • Don’t use tapes to paste decor on walls. Instead, use decorating clips which remove cleanly.
  • Keep used flowers in a separate bin in one corner.
  • Make sure you have a place at height for diyas away from children’s reach.
  • Dispose of all waste and garbage responsibly.
  • Keep prasad in a closed/covered utensil.
  • Last but not least: Make sure you take care of water bodies while you go for idol immersion and do not throw garbage in them. Immersion at home is ideal.

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